March 3, 2024

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What to Consider When Relocating Your Whole Office?

Office relocation requires an appropriate office relocation service. Moving a large number of documents, computer supplies, office supplies, etc. can be a large task, especially compared to an ordinary relocation process. The process is several times more complicated considering the larger scale involved with moving an entire workplace.

So what can be done to ensure an office move is smooth? 

Drafting the Relocation List

The operation plan of office relocation is more complicated than that of ordinary family relocation. Therefore, it is best to create a suitable relocation operation list in advance according to the size of the office. Including relocation time, document arrangement, partition disassembly, personnel scheduling, Location map of office items, waste disposal, etc.

Renovation Progress and Confirmation of Water and Electricity

While drafting up the office relocation operations list, it is necessary to pay attention to the schedule so that the decoration progress of the new office can be gauged. The Water, electricity, internet, and telephone also need to be organized at least 1-2 weeks before the relocation to ensure that the installation can be completed before the relocation is scheduled.

Notify the Old and New Building Administrators

After determining the transportation schedule, it is best to notify office relocation consultants as well as the old and new building administrators 3 to 7 days in advance. The number of boxes and train trips for office relocation is usually large, pay attention to parking spaces, elevators/freight elevators, moving lines, etc. It is best to confirm with the administrator in advance to avoid time-consuming incidents due to transportation that day.

Clean Up Documents and Waste Early

Before moving, it is recommended to spare at least 1 to 3 days to sort out documents that have not been used in the office for many years. These items should be organized to distinguish what is needed for the company. Anything that is deemed as rubbish should be discarded. In addition to reducing the number of boxes to be transported, it can also make the new office more simple and refreshing!

At the same time, it should be noted that the time for garbage removal and transportation in each office building can vary depending on the scheduling. The unnecessary waste is sorted in advance, and there is more time to discard it according to regulations. 

The Office’s Sitting Position Should Be Appropriate

 The area of the office should be considered before selecting it as a good location to move to. Ensuring it is close to public transportation is important, employees should be able to easily access their workplace if they choose to take the train to work. Ensuring there is sufficient parking available is also important for those who drive their car to work daily. These should be made a high priority when relocating.

Someone to Lead Relocation Packaging of Each Department

The person in charge of each department is responsible for organizing their employees to pack and organize their belongings as well as the company items being relocated. They should be labeled with the department, name, and product. Correctly labeling these items is important as identifying the items in each department will assist in the move. Especially files and documents that are significant to the business’s operations. It is necessary to do a good job in claiming, and at the same time affix, a label with the department and serial number on the claimed items and filing cabinets. The unclaimed items shall be transported by the General Department. With this approach, there would be minimal loss of goods, and with the help of labels, items can be arranged easily in the new office.