June 19, 2024

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InterContinental Hotels to expand its cleaning regime

InterContinental Hotels Group has expanded its cleanliness program and on June 1 will start an improved effort, the organization announced Monday.

In 2015, IHG had partnered with cleaning and hygiene services and technologies Ecolab and Diversey. The new program, dubbed IHG Clean Promise, proceeds those ventures and provides insights from the Cleveland Clinic in addition to other Covid-19 cleaning protocols and best practices according to the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and local public health authorities in markets across the world.

Very similar to other recently declared resort company cleanup protocols, IHG will practice social distancing, provide employee training and certification, provide hand sanitizer and wipes, and increase contactless interactions. They also plan to provide added deep cleaning of high-touch surfaces and supply new standards for food and drink services.

The business also has set up a worldwide cleanliness board, composed of IHG specialists in operations, health, security and guest experiences, together with external experts including James Merlino, chief clinical transformation officer at the Cleveland Clinic. Further, on land, resort teams will appoint what the clean call champions to help resorts always deliver the high cleanliness standards.