March 3, 2024

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Advice For Your Timber Decking

Wood has been an essential part of home projects for years due to the large variety of different styles and looks that you can achieve with it. Many prefer wood because of its ecological nature. Wood products are the building blocks of so many different structures, from timber decks to house framings its possibilities are endless.

Awareness is key

While there is a wide variety of woods, there are three main types, namely:

  1. Softwoods – commonly used for interior moldings, window manufacturing, plywood, construction framing, and fibreboard. Because of its flexibility, lightweight, and lesser density than most hardwoods. It is also resistant to both fungal and bacterial growth. Termites and moisture are less likely to adhere to them because those softwoods have become much preferred to hardwoods. 

  2. Hardwoods – are generally expensive because of their very nature of being durable, sturdy, and dense. Although softwoods are beautiful, they are not as sturdy as hardwoods. Due to its slow-growing pace, it becomes more compact than softwoods so, you get your money’s worth. As for being useful in construction, it usually requires a lot of work to break down, which makes it less ideal. The best type of wood material though, for furniture, is the hardwood in which a combination of beauty and durability became possible.

  3. Engineered woods – are known for their ability to withstand humidity and moisture. Its composition makes it a top choice for most furniture flooring, closet, and cabinets for it involved creating a core so stable that it becomes highly resistant to cracking, splitting, and warping. While it is not the best water-resistant wood, it is more of it though, compared to hardwood flooring.
Decking Services

The sky is the limit.

Naturally wood is the main product used in timber deckings, as it not only has a unique and beautiful look but certain woods are naturally resistant to weather and so are perfect for outdoor areas. In some cases, if your decking is fitted with a type of wood that is not suitable for outdoor elements, you can hire a specialist in decking services to fix any issues that may arise from this.

Proper usage is the key to preserving its quality. Durability will also root from its nature provided it is well-coated with an agent that will enhance this either with the use of oil or varnish. Its performance may stand the test of time and weather if they are duly cleaned up and checked annually. And since it comes with many uses, using wood and wood products becomes advantageous as replacements are readily available without hurting the environment since it remains reusable.

Ultimate take away

Maintaining any form of timber in your home is difficult and requires a wealth of knowledge to ensure it is protected and looks ideal. However, thankfully as our society progresses further and further, services are becoming more readily available for regular people to access so their timber products don’t become damaged. In a developed country like Australia, it is so easy now to find or access contractors who specialize in floor sanding in Melbourne or any other major Australian city.

People nowadays love having instant access to a lot of things. They like how technology had made dishwashing an easy tuck, entertainment accessible from home, and sending money overseas as easy as 1-2-3. But there’s always a fondness for what’s familiar. Something that you want to go home to, something that makes you connected to nature. And that’s when a timber decking becomes a great way addition to the home